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We talk helicopter wake turbulence in our PSTAR course.

When to do Ground School

We get a lot of emails inquiries from students asking when they should start their online ground school for their flight training. Realistically, it is...

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Turboprop of a Q400

Turboprop Engine

We continue our pilot training articles at the commercial pilot level by discussing the turboprop engine. It is common for commercial pilots in Canada to...

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workload management pilot training and vip pilot

Workload Management

Workload Management Workload Management involves the proper allocation and distribution of tasks to individuals, avoidance of work overloads in self and in others and the...

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ethics in aviation

Ethics in Aviation

Ethics in Aviation This article on Ethics in Aviation was written by Patrick A. Benton. Patrick A. Benton earned a Bachelor of Science in Aviation...

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awws gfa sample


AWWS GFA The term AWWS GFA refers to NavCanada‘s Aviation Weather Web Site – Graphical Area Forecast. The GFA weather charts depict the most probably...

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leadership in aviation

Leadership in Aviation

As a part of our Threat and Error Management series of articles, we supplement our Commercial Pilot Ground School with this article on leadership in...

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pilot error

Pilot Errors

Pilot Errors A pilot error is an action or decision of the pilot that, if not caught and corrected, could contribute to the occurrence of...

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Spectrum Airways Logo

Spectrum Airways

Spectrum Airways In this post, we examine a flight school which is situated on the west side of the Greater Toronto Area known as Spectrum...

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Durham Flight Centre

Durham Flight Centre

Durham Flight Centre Durham Flight Centre (“DFC”) is a Transport Canada registered Flight Training Unit, flight centre, and a private career college under the Ontario...

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Canadian Flight supplement

Canadian Flight Supplement

The Canadian Flight Supplement, Canada Flight Supplement, or CFS for short, is the proverbial phonebook for all aerodromes and airport in Canada. The publication contains...

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pilot decision making in aviation for pilot training

Pilot Decision Making in Aviation

Pilot decision making is the generation of an alternative course of action based on available information, knowledge, prior experience, expectation, context, goals, etc. and selecting...

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aviation weather in canada

Aviation Weather

Aviation Weather Aviation weather can be fairly hard to understand sometimes. The application of theoretical meteorology to the practical world of aviation takes an immense...

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pilot bag or flight bag

Pilot Bag

What is a pilot bag? A pilot bag is also known as a flight bag. It is a bag used by pilots at all stages...

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float rating vancouver

Float Rating – Part 2

Float Rating In part 1 of our series on float flying, we looked at the basics maneuvers surrounding float rating training. The main topics were...

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TC AIM Aeronautical Information Manual


What is the TC aim? The TC AIM, or AIM de TC in French, is the Aeronautical Information Manual published by Transport Canada. It is...

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Canadian Flight Center

Canadian Flight Center

Canadian Flight Center We have a lot of people reach out to us from overseas asking if we are a Canadian Flight Center. Canadian Flight...

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Weight Shift Formula

The weight shift formula is an important part of understanding your weight and balance and is crucial for pilots flying with passengers and baggage. This...

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