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Wingman Reservations

Wingman reservations is an online flight booking website used by flight schools in Canada, notable WWFC (Waterloo Wellington Flight Center), Brampton Flight Centre, and Spectrum Airways in Burlington. We found on the Wingman website a claim that it has been designed specifically for flight schools to maximize aircraft and instructor time and increase overall utilization.

As flight schools progress into the 21st century, electronic systems like Wingman Reservations and ePTR are becoming more relevant and environmentally friendly – just like our online ground school courses.

Wingman and Online Ground School

Many flight schools continue to use and support Canadian Flight Trainers as we provide an affordable online ground school solution to their students. Our most popular course is our Private Pilot Ground School as it frees up the flight school’s flight instructor’s time, helping their bottom line and making flying more cost efficient. These systems are designed to replace older scheduling software like FlightSchedule Pro. We are not sure how much flight schools pay for this system.

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