The staff at Canadian Flight Trainers support research in aviation. Research in aviation helps us expand knowledge and allows us a deeper understanding of our industry. It allows our staff and students the opportunity to engage in critical thinking as we better aviation.

We firmly believe in the mutual benefit of sharing knowledge across many disciplines. For example, doctors began using checklists in surgeries to avoid unwanted outcomes for their patients. This adaptation was taken from aviation’s discipline in using checklists while flying aircraft. Aviation has the ability to adapt ideas from other areas of study and incorporating them into our own world. As an example, our staff continuously conduct research in pedagogy and online education to deliver a better experience to our students and a better working environment for our instructors.

Some studies we have taken part in to help research in aviation:

  • Determining Deficiencies in Commercial Pilot Training
  • Implementing video demonstrations as supplementary training to enhance standardization and performance
  • Identities of Pilots and how they relate to safety reporting
  • All electric aircraft in flight training
  • Psychology of safety reporting in commercial aviation
  • Flight training during the covid-19 pandemic
  • Literacy in aviation as a form of empowerment and liberation
  • The hidden curriculum of flight training

If you are looking for funding for a research project directly related to flight training in aviation, please e-mail as at for some information prior to creating a research proposal tailored to us. Funding is disbursed on a yearly basis and is limited.