About Canadian Flight Trainers

Through our time as Instructors, we have always found deficiencies that can be improved in pilot training. Ground schools often left students feeling overwhelmed and underprepared for real life flying. Other online ground schools are lengthy, boring and lack a real connection with the realities we face as pilots.

After seeing where the industry could improve, our team set off to fill the gap between theoretical aspects of aviation and the practical application of skills taught. Our ground school will give you the tools to understand what you need to know to be the pilot that you desire to be. Our courses won’t just be something you learn and tuck away forever. 

At Canadian Flight Trainers, we are aware that simply having ground-based knowledge isn’t sufficient for Canadian pilots. Our focus takes this knowledge and enables you to safely apply it to your practical flying. The knowledge learned is a combination of experience from our instructors, and structured material used by Transport Canada to create their tests. This way you can get the best of both worlds and fill the gap where all other ground schools fail. 

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Meet Our Instructors

Daniel Gustin standing in a park smiling

Daniel Gustin, M.Ed, is a husband to his wonderful wife and is a father to his three children. He has been flying for over 18 years and is one of fifty Class 1 Aerobatic Instructors in Canada. He also holds a Class 1 Instructor Rating on his ICAO ATPL. Full time, Daniel works as a Second in Command on the Airbus A321 for a major Canadian airline where he has helped design numerous pilot training courses. Prior to being in this role, Daniel flew and taught on the Airbus A330, was a Captain on the E170, and flew the Cessna 208 Caravan.

In his spare time he conducts research in aviation, spends time in his garden, and plays chess.


Daniel is the founder and Chief Instructor of Canadian Flight Trainers.

Captain Daniel Vanier flying a Q400 aircraft

Daniel Vanier is an experienced pilot from the Greater Toronto area. Ever since graduating one of Canada’s premiere flight programs, he has taken an interest in advancing and elevating the training experiences of students in aviation through innovative techniques and personalized approaches. 

Since his graduation, Daniel has continuously been a mentor for new pilots in the industry. He has experience flying the Q400,  Captaining the classic Dash 8 aircraft, teaching in Part 705 operations as a Q400 technical ground school instructor, being a crew resource management instructor, and flying the Airbus A321.  He currently holds a position at a national airline in Canada on the Embraer E190-E2.

During the Covid pandemic, Daniel took advantage of the additional free time to spend more time outdoors. 

Meet Our Course Contributors

Doug is a well known pilot in the aviation community, having amassed over 24,000 flight hours in his 30+ year career. Doug started his flying on Canada’s east coast and also became a certified meteorologist, working as forecaster with Environment Canada. 

Doug has a passion for teaching and combining his aviation and weather expertise – he has taught students from the PPL level right up to airline new-hires. In addition to flying, forecasting, and teaching, Doug is also an author. He has been writing for enRoute magazine for over two decades and has been published in Wings, Canadian Aviator, and Weatherwise magazines, amongst others. 

He has published three books “From the Flight Deck”, “Canadian Aviation Weather”, and “Pilot Weather” – hoping to inspire others to seek an exciting and dynamic career in aviation. Most recently he completed writing “From the Flight Deck” and earned his Masters in Aviation and Aerospace Management from Purdue University. Having spent over 20 years flying Airbus products, he currently flies the Boeing 787 for Air Canada.

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pilot training shows Fraser Fulton beside an airplane

Fraser Fulton was the main author of the PSTAR course so many of our students enjoy for free.

After graduating from one of Canada’s best aviation degree programs, he took advantage of his time by engaging in 702 aerial operations in southern Ontario. He has since moved on and now flies the Boeing 737 for a major airline in Canada.

Teo is a graduate from one of Canada’s aviation college programs and enjoys music in his spare time. As a very knowledgeable and humble pilot, he easily found his place among the instructing staff at Canadian Flight Trainers. Teo developed the multi engine course for us before moving onto flying for a large airline operator here in Canada.

Teo Srnic
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All course content meets Transport Canada regulations regarding pilot training. Courses were designed based on the Study and Reference guides applicable to each specific course. A record of ground school training is available to all students who complete a course.

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Canadian Flight Trainers is recognized as an educational institution by Employment and Social Development Canada. Any students who purchase a course for the purpose of professional career development are eligible to have their course fees deducted as an educational expense on their annual tax return. In order to complete this, Canadian Flight Trainers requires the student’s Social Insurance Number. Students can contact us to schedule a phone call for this information exchange. Do NOT e-mail us your Social Insurance Numbers.