Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

What is an Online Ground School?

Online ground school is a self paced program used in conjunction with flight training. Our comprehensive and thorough presentations, videos, and questions will adequately prepare you for your Transport Canada exams.

Our online ground school gives you access to Flight Instructors and allows you to communicate with other students using our interactive forum. This lets you get the answers to your questions that much faster.

Is Canadian Flight Trainers approved by Transport Canada?

All of our ground school videos are conducted by Daniel, a Class 1 Instructor and Class 1 Aerobatic Instructor. We also have a team of experienced and practical flight instructors, commercial pilots, and airline pilots who have created course content and continue to offer support to students when required.

All of the ground school is conducted in accordance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations and is allowed to be credited towards the appropriate permit or license.

Will my flight school allow me to take online ground school?

Your flight school actually has no say in the matter of where and how you conduct your own ground school training. ​That being said, flight schools and flight instructors are recommending us to their students because of our efficiency and results.

Flight schools may only run a ground school once every few months, only when enough students register, and they tend to overprice their ground school due to the staffing required to teach it.

By doing your ground school online, you will be able to progress through your flight training faster and more efficiently. I’m sure the flight school will love that. Remember, all of our content meets the requirements as laid out by the Canadian Aviation Regulations. If you have any issues, please contact us.​ 

Where do I record my ground school?

Student pilots can record the amount of time they have spent on their ground school in their pilot training record.

In any case, all students will be provided with a record of ground school at the end of their course, upon request. 

Students who fully complete the course will receive a certificate with the actual time spent in their course.

Can I get tax receipts for taking these courses?

Yes. We are an approved educational institution with Employment and Social Development Canada and will provide a T2202 form for income tax purposes.

These income tax forms will be sent directly to the CRA at the beginning of the new year. In order for us to do this, you must provide your Social Insurance Number to one of our trained Tax Specialists.

Why use the Canadian Flight Trainer’s Ground School?

Our online ground school has been created in this century, not in the 1990s. Our content is presented using the best online learning technology available and includes a multitude of features like videos, PDF document libraries, access to instructors, and more. 

Our cost is unmatched in the industry for the quality we deliver to you. Using Canadian Flight Trainers in your training is a no-brainer.

Why the hate for multiple choice questions? So what?

Yes, it is pretty public knowledge that we are not fans of multiple choice questions.

The negatives include:
Encourage superficial learning
Validity is poor
Usually only provides evidence if you can pass an exam
Nearly always inauthentic
Difficult to get meaningful feedback.

We try and encourage deep learning by incorporating different types of assessment tasks in our course. They include:
Short Answer Questions
Portfolio Assignments
PGI presentations for Instructor Candidates
Orals and Simulated Interviews
Some Essays

Potter, M. (2014). Course Design for Constructive Alignment. 

How do you prepare me to be a Commercial Pilot?

All of our content was designed by active commercial and airline pilots in the industry. We are not just flight school instructors with no experience. Our Commercial Pilot Course will incorporate practical stories from our careers.

We have experience at all levels of Commercial Air Services including:
Flying “up-north”
Flying in South America and Africa
Flying for 702, 703, 704 and 705 operators
Instructing in flight training units
Teaching aerobatics

You want to know how to deal with crew scheduling at an airline? Or how about an unruly passenger on your flight? Are you afraid to file an SMS? We teach you how to deal with all of these issues.

What is a letter of recommendation? Can you provide one to me?

To write a Transport Canada exam, students may need a letter of recommendation from their flight instructor. 

Upon course completion and upon passing a minimum of 3 exams to a 75%, we may provide students with a letter of recommendation which is valid for 60 days.

Only one letter is valid per student. 

I need more time for my course, now what?

Course extensions are available to students on a monthly basis. Please consult the respective ground school page for up-to-date rates.

Do I need any ground school supplies for the courses?

There are some pilot supplies you can purchase from our pilot shop that would help you in your course. Some of the supplies may not be of use to you immediately. 

If in doubt, we offer a comprehensive ground school kit which has all of the books and basic supplies you need to get started in your pilot training journey.

How much does it cost to get a Private Pilot License (PPL) in Canada?

As of 2023, the average cost for a PPL in Canada is between $20,000 to $23,000 plus tax.

Does Canadian Flight Trainers provide support to their students?

Of course! There are a variety of ways that our students can get in touch with us, including phone call, email, or via our interactive forums.

Is in person ground school better than online?

This is a very subjective question and we feel the answer is no. Most flight schools have one set of outdated PowerPoint presentations which are taught by a rotating door of flight instructors. This causes inconsistencies with ground school instruction which can negatively impact student training.

Canadian Flight Trainer’s ground school is taught in a consistent manner which empowers you to learn in a better and more effective way. With the amount of ways our instructors can support you, it can be better and more cost effective than an in-person ground school.