Online ground school is a self paced program used in conjunction with flight training. Our comprehensive and thorough presentations, videos and questions will adequately prepare you for your Transport Canada exams.

Our online ground school gives you access to Flight Instructors and allows you to communicate with other students using our interactive forum. This lets you get the answers to your questions that much faster.

All of our ground school material is conducted by Daniel, a Class 1 Instructor and Class 1 Aerobatic Instructor. All of the ground school is conducted in accordance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations and is allowed to be credited towards the appropriate permit or license.

​Your flight school may only run a ground school once every few months only when enough students register. By doing your ground school online, you will be able to progress through your flight training faster and more efficiently. I’m sure the flight school will love that. Remember, all of our content meets the requirements as laid out by the Canadian Aviation Regulations. If you have any issues, please contact us.​ 

We suggest recording your ground school in your Pilot Training Record in the ground school section. Otherwise, we will provide you with a record of ground school instruction.

Yes. We are an approved educational institution with Employment and Social Development Canada and are able to provide a T2202 form for income tax purposes..

These income tax forms will be sent directly to the CRA at the beginning of the new year. In order to do this, you must securely provide your Social Insurance Number to one of our trained Tax Specialists. 

Our online ground school has been created in 2021, not in the 1990s. Our content is presented using the best online learning technology available and includes a multitude of features like videos, PDF document libraries, access to instructors, and more. 

Our cost is unmatched in the industry for the quality we deliver to you. Using Canadian Flight Trainers in your training is a no-brainer.