International Students

Pilot Training for International Students in Canada

Many international students from abroad wish to come to Canada and engage in careers as commercial pilots. Canadian Flight Trainers can help in your search for a flight academy!

Once a student receives their study permit and visa from the Government of Canada, they are encouraged to enrol in our Private Pilot License Ground School Course prior to arriving in Canada to start their pilot training.

Our PPL Ground School is one of the first steps for any student who wishes to become a commercial or airline pilot in Canada. Unlike other online schools, our courses are taught by active flight instructors, commercial pilots, and airline pilots. We know what you need to know to have a successful career in Canada!

How do I Begin Flight Training in Canada as an International Student?

Before you come to Canada, you must apply for a study permit from the Canadian government. A study permit allows international students to learn at designated learning institutions in Canada. Canadian Flight Trainers is not a designated learning institutions.

We can only help you once you already have a study permit. We cannot help you obtain a study permit or VISA to learn to fly in Canada.

Can I Begin Studying Before I Come to Canada?

Yes! The first step is enrolling in our online Private Pilot Ground School course. You can begin studying while at home at any time of the day. Once you come to Canada, you will have already completed your ground school and will save money on all of your flight training. If you arrive prepared to Canada with lots of aviation knowledge, you may save a lot of money.

Do you offer a Post-Graduation Work Permit or PGWP?

No. We do not offer this.

How do I find a flight school which can accept me?

Please visit the Designated Learning Institution webpage to find a DLI. You may also wish to find a flight school. We recommend international students look at Alkan Air for a flight academy.

Alkan Air Flight Academy is a flght school in Canada

I am from India, can I do flight training in Canada?

Once you obtain a study permit from the Government of Canada, you will be issued a visitor visa. You do not need to apply for the visa separately. This applies to Indian nationals who travel with a passport into Canada. You need a:

  • letter of introduction that says your application is approved
  • valid passport that has your visitor visa stuck to one of its pages
International Students complete pilot training in Canada
The information in this article is from March 2022 and may be considered outdated. Aspiring students who wish to pursue flight training and pilot training in Canada should consult with an immigration lawyer to confirm their eligibility to study in Canada.