At Canadian Flight Trainers, Flying is more than a sport and more than a job; flying is passion and desire.

Commercial Pilot Ground School
Made by Commercial Pilots. Approved by the Government of Canada.
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Ground School at your own pace, on your own time
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Private Pilot Ground School? Check.
Optimize your time and money.
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As a result of the direct impact of SARS-CoV-2, Canadian Flight Trainers regrets to inform you that our launch will be delayed until the health of our staff reaches a sufficient level to continue course and website development. The finishing touches are almost done on our CPL Course and progress has been started on our Flight Instructor Rating Course. Come back soon to be a part of the best Groundschools out there.


Applicants who apply for a Student Pilot Permit must pass a Transport Canada written examination on Aviation Regulations and Air Traffic Control procedures. This examination is called the Student Pilot Permit or Private Pilot License for Foreign and Military Applicants, Aviation Regulations, more commonly referred to as the PSTAR.

3 months

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Hi I'm Daniel, the founder of Canadian Flight Trainers.

Canadian Flight Trainers is Canada’s newest online ground school provider. With current, up to date material applicable to you as a pilot. All the practical things you need to know to be the savvy pilot you want to be. Approved as an Educational Institution by ESDC, we offer tax receipts for our Commercial Pilot Courses.

Trusted by Students across Canada

Our ground school material is presented by Industry Professionals who have adapted best practices in order to offer the best ground school experience.

Why our Courses?

Professional Course

We are a team of professionals in the industry who know what you need to know. We exemplify the three pillars of good pilots which are knowledge, skill and attitude. We will always try and motivate you to do the same as well because we believe in what we teach. 


We allow you to plan your day, be more productive at home (or at the beach) and not the other way around. No unnecessary trips to the airport 1 hour away. Balance your commitments and life at home with your flight training.

Accelerated Learning

With the opportunity to balance your flight training properly in your life, you are able to learn faster and more efficiently. This additional balance makes training go smoother and faster.

Transport Canada Compliant

All of our courses go above and beyond Transport Canada's compliance standards. You will be ready for all of Transport Canada's Exams with our multiple practice tests and numerous quizzes throughout.