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Brampton Flight Centre

The Brampton Flight Center is located at the Brampton-Caledon Airport (CNC3). The airport and flight school are both owned and operated by the Brampton flying Club. This has allowed the flight school to be one of the largest flight schools in Canada and one of the largest flight schools who accept international students in to their programs. The flight school is known in the industry as being able to rapidly “produce” private and commercial pilots in a short time.

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Many of the students who attend the Brampton Flight Centre are students of Canadian Flight Trainers. As many ab-initio instructors are Class 4 Instructors (the lowest grade in Canada), many students will supplement their pilot training with a Private Pilot License Course from Canadian Flight Trainers. Our courses were created and taught by experienced Class 1 Flight Instructors, Commercial Pilots, and Airline Pilots.

The fee for an in-person ground school at Brampton Flight Centre is over $350 plus tax, and this is in addition to their $150 membership fee! Canadian Flight Trainers gives you better quality ground school at a much more affordable rate.

Brampton Flying Club

Many aircraft owners will hangar their airplanes at the unique hangars which are well known in the aviation industry to have orange roofs. Many of the aircraft owners also choose to park their aircraft on the grass to save money.

What are the Brampton Flight Centre fees for international students?

Based on the absolute minimum fees for Canadian citizens to be training at the Brampton Flight Center or with the Brampton Flying Club, and completing their self-paced program with a Multi-IFR rating, the quotes cost is around $55,000. However, we estimate the cost to be somewhere closer to $60,000 to $70,000 in April of 2022.

For international students, we estimate similar costs. However, international students must also consider application fees, housing near the airport, travel expenses and more. Therefore, although the actual flight training costs may be similar, there are significantly more fees associated with training anywhere in Canada.

Many international students choose to lower their fees by completing the Private Pilot Ground School Course in their home country before coming to Canada. When they arrive in Canada, they will already have a very good understanding of the theoretical and practical knowledge related to aircraft, and thus the overall cost is lowered. Again, our course is taught by active commercial and airline pilots, where most instructors at the Brampton Flying Centre are NOT active airline pilots.

How can I get admission in Canadian pilot school? Maybe with the Brampton Flying Club?

Many Brampton Flight Center International Students begin the process with us at Canadian Flight Trainers. More information on international students can be found here.

Brampton Flight Centre Reviews

The Brampton Flying Club and Brampton Flight Centre both have a very good reputation of being able to complete pilot training very quickly and in an efficient manner. The conditions of training are reported by our students to be average with quick pilot training. They are also known to hire flight instructors that their own Class 1 flight instructors have trained – we cannot confirm if this is a true internal policy. Although we understand that this is a normal aviation industry practice, we condemn any flight school in Canada who makes this an official practice in their flight school as it breaks many of the fundamental principles of pedagogy.

Should I go to Brampton Flight Centre Introductory Flight?

Before committing to any flight school or any flight instructor, we recommend a small trial period. This often begins as an introductory flight to see if the flight school and flight instructor meets your expectations. When you are planning on spending anywhere from $17,000 to $60,000 on pilot training in Canada, or at the Brampton Flying Club, you should be confident in the decision you will make. Always, always, go for a familiarization or introductory flight at the flying school.