Sharper Edge ATPL Exam Preparation Guide


Used Post CPL and for ATPL Conversion.

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Sharper Edge 2024 Airline Transport Pilot Exam Preparation Guide

The Transport Canada Exam requires that you know all the material for the Commercial Pilot exam plus incremental knowledge in just about all subject areas. The keynotes provide a comprehensive summary of the incremental knowledge areas together with more than 500 typical examination questions cross referenced to the keynotes. Understanding the material behind all the questions will ensure that you are adequately prepared for the SARON and SAMRA examinations.

Sharper Edge ATPL

This Sharper Edge Airline Transport Exam Preparation Book will help with the two main examinations. It contains the questions, plus reference study material. This does not include access to the Sharper Edge ebook, that is completely separate. Pilots may also be interested in the Aerocourse ATPL Study Guide if all they are looking for are sample questions and nothing else. We know the ATPL material is difficult to learn, especially if you are not flying as an active airline pilot. That is why we suggest spending the extra $20 to get some material in addition to the questions.

We recommend the Sharper Edge ATPL book for pilot license conversions in Canada.


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