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The most affordable pilot log book in Canada. Used for pilot enrolled in our Private Pilot Ground School Course.

Also included in the Ground School Kit.

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Pilot Log Book – Canada’s Best

The flight isn’t over until you’ve done the paperwork! Keeping a pilot log book isn’t just a fun way to record your experiences and aerial memories – it’s a regulatory requirement. Keeping track of currency is essential for knowing when you’re ready to test for that next rating or if you are legal for a night or IFR flight.

Hammond Aviation proudly manufactures Canada’s most popular log book. This log book is perfect for the beginner or student pilot! This is also a well-designed log book for private pilots and student pilots alike to maintain their flying time records.

Student Pilot Log Book

This Canadian pilot log book is great for student pilots across the country. The small version of the log book allows student pilots to make some mistakes without looking too unprofessional. Once the pilots become licensed, they can upgrade and change log books or maintain the pages until the log book runs out of room. Almost all pilots in Canada have started with a log book like this one.

Should I find a Pilot Log Book Online?

Maybe not right now. If you are starting as a student in Canada, the fancy log books which are on the iPads and in the clouds are great, but they have recurring subscriptions every year and are just as much effort as a log book like this one.

Is there such thing as Pilot Logbook Certification?

When you sign your log book page and date the entry, you are the one certifying the log book for any other regulatory authority. Having entries “certified correct” is not necessary for any type of Transport Canada license application. However, some other regulatory authorities elsewhere in the world may require such log book certifications.

Are pilots required to keep a logbook?

Yes, pilots are required to prove currency and flight time. The way of doing this is through their pilot log book.

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