Pilot Log Book – Large


If you are serious about being a Commercial Pilot, we suggest getting this larger pilot logbook for your flights.

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Pilot Logbook – Large

The flight isn’t over until you’ve done the paperwork! Keeping a logbook isn’t just a fun way to record your experiences and aerial memories – it’s a regulatory requirement. Keeping track of currency is essential for knowing when you’re ready to test for that next rating or if you are legal for a night or IFR flight.

Hammond Aviation proudly manufactures Canada’s most popular pilot logbooks. This is a well-designed logbook for all pilots to maintain their flying time records. It is a great Commercial Pilot Logbook.

Student Pilot Logbook

This logbook can still be used by student pilots in Canada. With more space in the logbook, it will help you from your first flight and last until well into commercial flying. Entries can be

What happens if a pilot loses his logbook?

If a pilot loses their logbook in Canada, they will make a declaration to Transport Canada stating how many hours they have flown. Often times, Transport Canada can verify a minimum amount of hours based on previous license applications.

If you are looking for a smaller and more affordable logbook, see our small version here.

We prefer this logbook over the VIP Pilot logbook.


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Dimensions 21 × 22 × 2 cm

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