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Endorsed by Class 1 Flight Instructors and Flight Schools across Canada.

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Complete Your Private Pilot Online Ground School with Us

Our Private Pilot Ground School will prepare students for their PPAER Exam, PSTAR Exam and includes access to all of our flight lesson preparatory ground instruction. Our course will lower the cost of your flight training and prepare you for each flight, every time. An incredible value for the aspiring private pilot in Canada.

Over 60 hours of material is provided to students, which meets the prerequisites set out by Transport Canada. Once completed, a ground school record is provided. If the practice exams are completed successfully, a letter of recommendation will be provided to challenge the Transport Canada exam.

There is no prerequisite for the course. You only need determination and passion to be successful in our Private Pilot Ground School.

The course syllabus is available for download. It closely follows Transport Canada’s recommended study guide. We’re biased, but we think we have the best online ground school.

Why Canadian Flight Trainers?

Our ground school was made in the 21st century and has excellent learning capabilities. Other ground schools in Canada simply provide lectures and let you go at it yourself. Our team of instructors will monitor your course progress on a daily basis from behind the scenes to ensure your learning experience is a positive one. If you find a mistake, we’ll correct it pretty quickly. Other schools don’t do this.

Aviation Medical

To learn more information about the aviation medical and how you can expedite the medical process, please click here.

Online Flight Training

Our ground training is done online, but you still have to learn how to fly an airplane, in an airplane. To find a flight school, visit Transport Canada’s website here.

How long should online ground school take?

As long as you want. Our ground school is available to you under three options. For those who anticipate finishing quickly, they may choose to pay $199 every 4 months; the average student can pay $299 for 9 months; and some may choose to do $399 for 12 months. Some students can take one month to finish while others will take a full year due to other commitments such as work and family. It is about your time and dedication. Students are able to extend their ground school time upon request for a small additional fee.

How do I prepare for the exam?

Our ground school has a series of assessment tasks that are aligned with our objectives and goals. We treat them as you completing a 21st century aviation notebook which was designed to provide deep learning. Upon completion, we provide you with sample exams based on student feedback. This way, nothing is a surprise when you sit your real exam.

What is a letter of recommendation? Can I get it from you?

To earn a private pilot license in Canada, you must sit and write a government exam known as the PPAER. You will need a letter of recommendation to write the PPAER exam from a flight instructor. Many students choose to ask their primary flight instructor for this letter, but we can also provide this to you if you pass our trial exams with a certain grade.

Is the online ground school free?

While there are other free online ground school resources in Canada, ours is vetted and kept up-to-date in accordance with Transport Canada standards. As the industry changes, so does our approach. So while we’re not free, we’re a really good value.

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4 reviews for Private Pilot Ground School Course

  1. Lawrence (verified owner)

    Really enjoyable course. Loved the stories from all of the instructors.

  2. Kethy Morawski (verified owner)

    Very thorough but not too much. Very happy the instructors help me when I ask for it.

  3. Brandon Wilson (verified owner)

    The exams were almost identical to the Transport Canada exams. Videos were great and not boring

  4. Clarence Bergen (verified owner)

    Lots of patients from online instructors support. Even when I don’t catch on well to what is being clearly shown they never make me feel like I can’t learn this. Always striving to improve their online learning program!

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