Calgary Flying Club – Online Ground School Enrolment

From: $0.00 for 9 months and a $299.00 sign-up fee

Are you a member of the Calgary Flying Club and want to do your ground school online? This is the place for you.

More information on the ground school options are below.

You may also need ground school supplies! If so, check out our ground school kit which includes Calgary specific navigational charts.


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In partnership with the Calgary Flying Club, Canadian Flight Trainers offers students the opportunity to study from the comfort of their own home while still learning high quality relevant material. Designed by industry scholars, the courses are taught by an experienced airline pilot, Class 1 Flight Instructor, and former Class 1 Aerobatics Instructor.


What am I paying for? 9 months or 12 months?

The ground school is a self paced program designed to get you from zero to a private pilot or from a fresh private pilot to an industry ready commercial pilot. The difference between the two choices is the length of access time you are paying for. One course gives you 9 months of access and the other 12 months of access. Then, it is your responsibility to complete the ground school within that time frame.


What is the advantage?

By enrolling in this course, instructors at Calgary Flying Club will have access to your course progress before and during your training. This allows them the opportunity to tie ground school knowledge into their flight instruction without any additional effort from you. Instructors can also identify weak areas and help you along where you both see fit.


What about my letter of recommendation?

Students who qualify on the Canadian Flight Trainers sample examinations are eligible to receive a letter of recommendation directly from us. Students who do not meet our minimum requirements will have to discuss potential solutions with their flight instructors. Note that there are minimum requirements as required by Transport Canada to write an official licensing examination. Additional details are available on our Letter of Recommendation Policy.


How much does it cost to go to flight school in Calgary?

The average student who completes a private pilot license in Calgary will spend anywhere from $18,000 to $24,000 on training.


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