Ground School Kit


A ground school kit to supplement any aspiring private or commercial pilot. Flat rate shipping to anywhere in Canada.

The kit is complete enough to allow customization for each student.

We are also able to provide VNCs and VTAs to students depending on the kit they choose. Scroll down for a list of major areas where charts are available.

This is the best value and lowest price across Canada for a basic ground school kit.


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Private Pilot Ground School Kit – Canada

This kit contains all of the basic necessary books and supplies to get through your flight training. Included is:

The Aeronautical Information Manual is not included in this ground school kit because it is available for free here.

If you have questions about this kit and would like to inquire with our flight instructing team, please contact us for a better solution. We understand that not all students require the same books in their ground school kits and we are able to remove, upgrade, add, or bundle different products to suit your needs.

Local maps, like VNC charts or VTA charts, are not included. We recommend purchasing these at a local flight school once you start flying.


What do you learn at ground school?

Private pilot ground school is broken down into 4 primary sections: air law, navigation, meteorology, and general knowledge. Our student pilot kit sets a good foundation on which to build future flight training and knowledge. We purposely do not include all flight school materials as we believe you should begin flight training before deciding on which additional products you would like.


What are the VFR Navigational Charts and VFR Terminal Area Charts?

The VFR Navigation Chart (VNC) is used by VFR pilots on short to extended cross-country flights at low to medium altitudes and at low to medium airspeeds. The chart displays aeronautical information and sufficient topographic detail to facilitate air navigation through the use of a unique colour scheme, layer tinting, and shaded relief. There are 52 charts in the series. View list of available charts.

VFR Terminal area charts (VTA) provide detailed information in congested air traffic areas. The seven charts of the series cover

  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Vancouver
  • Winnipeg
  • Calgary
  • Edmonton and
  • Ottawa


Do I need additional charts as a part of my kit?

We recommend purchasing a student pilot kit with at least a VNC in it. This will allow students to contextualize any navigation being taught as a part of their ground school. If you do not live in one of the major areas listed above, you do NOT need a VTA chart.


Can I choose which Navigational Charts I get in my kit?

We will default to the VNC Chart which covers the geographic area we are shipping the kit to. If you want a VNC chart for a different area, please indicate which charts you would like in the order notes at checkout.

Additional information

Type of Kit

Regular Kit, Kit with Large Navigational VNC*, Kit with Large Navigational VNC and Local Terminal Chart**


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