Douglas Protractor


Included in the ground school kit.

Used by Private and Commercial pilots in Canada.



Douglas Navigational Protractor

This Douglas Square Protractor is custom made by Hammond Aviation for training and navigational purposes. Your first quality 5″ x 5″ Douglas Protractor for your chart navigation needs! Constructed of durable Lexan®, this plotter won’t melt, warp or break in extreme temperatures. Its convenient 5-1/8″ square size and ease of use make this plotter a pilot favorite for simple, accurate flight planning. The 2 NM grid makes alignment with parallels simple.

Guaranteed for life!

How to Use a Douglas Protractor

The protractor is specifically used for pilots engaged in navigation. Most often, this douglas protractor will be used by student pilots engaged in cross country planning. The tool is slowly becoming obsolete with the introduction of iPad based navigational aids, such as Foreflight. To use the protractor, align the lines of the protractor so that north is aligned with true north on the map. The center of the protractor should be on the intended track. Once these steps are completed, the pilot may read the true track from the Douglas protractor. This true track may still need to be converted to a magnetic heading using the magnetic variation found on the map.

More information on how to use the Douglas Protractor is found in our Private Pilot Ground School Course.


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