Commercial Pilot Ground School

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Other ground schools in Canada reuse their PPL videos for their CPL ground school. We don’t.

Videos and presentations are customized for the Commercial Pilot Student.

Learn from Career Airline Pilots and Commercial Pilots. Learn what it means to have a successful career.

The Online Commercial Pilot Ground School Syllabus is available here.

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Commercial Pilot Ground School

Our Most Unique Online Ground School

Our Commercial Pilot Ground School Course was designed by active and career commercial pilots and airline pilots who know what you need to know.

The course was designed to fill the gaps between theoretical and practical so you can easily transition from being a 200-Hour wonder to the right seat of a turbo-prop, to being a flight instructor, or maybe even as a first officer on a jet!

Can other online ground school’s teach you to work as a commercial pilot? Learn from our industry leading experts.

This course will prepare students for their CPAER Exam and includes several practice exams. All of our practice exams are based on feedback from students who have challenged real exams.

Over 80 hours of material is provided to students which meets the prerequisites set out by Transport Canada.

Once completed, a ground school record is provided. If the practice exams are completed successfully, a letter of recommendation will be provided to challenge the TC exam.

A T2202 Form is provided to all students for income tax purposes.

A prerequisite of the course is a Private Pilot’s License.

Our Class 1 Instructor and A330 Instructor Daniel leads you through you Commercial Pilot Ground School.

Daniel is the course instructor. At his regular job, he teaches on the A330 as a Simulator Instructor.

The above photo is him in Manchester parked beside an Emirates Boeing 777.

How hard is flight ground school?

Our ground school is made simple due to the wealth of experience of our contributing instructors and primary curriculum design. Students don’t feel lost in our course, they feel like they are learning something practical for their careers.

How long does it take to become a commercial pilot?

Following the issuance of a private pilot license, earning a Commercial pilot license in Canada can take as little as one year, or as long as you’d like.

See terms and conditions for more details on the free trial.

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3 reviews for Commercial Pilot Ground School

  1. dany101flight69 (verified owner)

    overall, i am satisfied with them the instructor daniel is very good in explaining he even went the extra mile when i didn’t understand something they are also easy to reach so if you ever have question they will most likely answer same day and the videos are very good quality and you can go at your own pace no complains ! will definitely recommend ppl and cpl student to take their course here also the way the course is presented its building you to be a commercial pilot standard compared than a private … subscribe def
    and happy flying for everyone

  2. Ben V Jr. (verified owner)

    incredible course and very well made for the commercial pilot. finals exams were pretty close to the real thing with transport.

  3. malicks (verified owner)

    I really like the different approach the instructors take to being a Commercial pilot compared to a Private. Great instructor support when I needed it. Exams are spot on with TC.

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