2024 FREE Online Ground School Sample

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Canadian Flight Trainers FREE Online Ground School Course Sample

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All of our content meets and exceeds Transport Canada standards.

As we are a formal educational institution, T2202 Tax Forms are available to students who enrol in the CPL Ground School Course.

Is this a free online private pilot ground school?

Our online courses come with a free introductory trial which gives you full access to ALL course material.


Do I need to start flying before taking this course?

Absolutely not! In fact, many domestic students and international students register for our courses before they being their pilot training. By doing this, you will come to your flight training lessons prepared. This allows you to spend more time learning and less time spending money on briefings and aircraft time.


What happens if I need help during my free online ground school?

Even though the course is free, we will treat you as a paying student. If you have any questions about the content in our free course, we will respond within 48 hours.


Can I teach myself with a free online ground school?

Although the definition of ground school instruction as per the Canadian Aviation Regulations allows a form of self teaching, you owe it to yourself to invest in a vetted, current, and accurate online ground school course taught by experienced industry professionals.


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