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The most popular kneeboard among private pilots in Canada.

The upgraded version of this is the Tri-Fold available here.

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Best Basic VFR Kneeboard

The durable brushed aluminum VFR Kneeboard is a great way to organize your flight data, providing a strong surface for inflight note-taking as well as quick access to important VFR information in the form of a permanent placard.

We feel that this is the best basic kneeboard that a Private Pilot might want. You may try and use a clipboard or something else, but you will truly find value in using this for your flights.

This new version has updated information to reflect modern cockpit needs, including VFR ceiling, visibility and cloud clearance, VFR cruising altitudes, communication frequencies, pilot weather report sequence, light gun signal key and a crosswind component graph.

Features include: Comfortable, 1-1/2″ wide elastic leg band that hugs the leg without binding.

Velcro fasteners adjust easily while in use. Pencil/pen holder within leg band for fast note-taking.

The 4-3/4″ wide metal clip is easy to lift and strong enough to hold charts and other necessary papers. Dimensions 6-1/2″ x 9-1/2″.

Part Number ASA-KB-1A

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