From the Ground Up Workbook 3rd Edition


Commonly purchased with the From the Ground Up textbook and is commonly used in the PPL Ground School Course.

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From the Ground Up Workbook

Written to test students on their knowledge gained from the material within From the Ground Up, the From the Ground Up Workbook, 3rd Edition covers the subjects that are particularly pertinent to the examination for the Private Pilot Licence.

Thus, it serves as an excellent means to retain information on important practical applications and theoretical concepts that students must know to obtain their licence to fly.

A complete re-design of the From the Ground Up Workbook’s layout enhances this study guide’s appearance and utility.

More colour, enhanced tables, and slicker formatting have been worked into this title’s re-design to better enable student retention of content.

As ever, the From the Ground Up Workbook, 3rd Edition, affordably compliments the popular, and widely used, textbook to which it is associated.

By use of this title, students are better able to evaluate their understanding of From the Ground Up‘s content, thereby maximizing their knowledge and review of the information contained in the textbook itself.

The perfect companion to From the Ground Up, the From the Ground Up Workbook accurately reflects its status as a significant value-added partner to its source reference namesake.

Each chapter of this publication refers to a specific section of From the Ground Up and provides students with challenging questions,

It is an excellent means to test knowledge and consolidate student understanding of the material covered in From the Ground Up itself.

The From the Ground Up Workbook is a highly recommended study tool for students reading From The Ground Up.

It is perennially the nation’s best-selling study guide, alongside the textbook from which it draws its name, across flying schools from coast-to-coast.

Use this in conjunction with our Private Pilot License Course.

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