Sharper Edge Instrument Rating Exam Preparation Guide


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Sharper Edge 2024 Instrument Rating Exam Preparation Guide

A collection of 400 typical Transport Canada written exam questions with keynotes covering all major subject areas. Review the keynote summaries and test your knowledge to complete your preparation for the INRAT exam.


Instrument Rating Exam Preparation Guide Sharper Edge

Why do we like it? The questions combined with the explanations and succinct points on what you need to remember for your INRAT exam and for your instrument rating flight test. Between all the laws and all of the weather, it can be a lot and overwhelming for students.

Is there a Sharper Edge IFR PDF?

The company offers an ebook which is available from their own website. We don’t recommend it because you probably want a piece of paper and questions you can sit down and mull over. Any exam preparation done on a tablet can be very difficult. If students want just questions and nothing else to prepare them, they should go for the cheaper Aerocourse Instrument Rating Textbook.

Students may also be interested in the PPAER Study Guide from Sharper Edge, the Sharper Edge CPL Preparation Guide, or the ATPL Preparation Guide.


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