Canadian Private Pilot Answer Guide


Can be used at the end of the Private Pilot License ground school.

Includes code for online access to up-to-date questions and corrections.

8th Edition Updated September 2022.


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Canadian Private Pilot Answer Guide

Intended for all individuals preparing to write the examination for their Canadian Private Pilot Licence, use of this latest edition of this well-established question and answer book is an excellent way for students to study and review essential subject matter that must be known in advance of their written examination.

The Canadian Private Pilot Answer Guide, 8th Edition contains over 450 questions in its main body. Dozens of these questions have been updated from the previous version of the title and all, as ever, replicate the style and latest content of questions that students will encounter on the Transport Canada PPL written exam.
Nine chapters make up the bulk of this latest version of the title.

They are:

  • Chapter 1 Air Law;
  • Chapter 2 Flight Operations;
  • Chapter 3 Airframes, Engines and Systems;
  • Chapter 4 Flight Instruments;
  • Chapter 5 Theory of Flight;
  • Chapter 6 Meteorology: General;
  • Chapter 7 Meteorology: Information Sources;
  • Chapter 8 Navigation;
  • Chapter 9 Human Factors.

Building on the successful format introduced with this title’s more recent editions, all questions contain very thorough explanations in the Notes on the Questions section, thereby enhancing the significance of this Study Guide’s format and purpose.

Above and beyond its primary intent for exam preparation, the Canadian Private Pilot Answer Guide, 8th Edition doubles up as an additional learning resource from which students can refine, re-enforce and consolidate all the theory they’ve learned up to this point in their training journey.

As always, a 100-question Sample Examination is also included within the book, while a detailed Index
allows students to identify specific subjects of interest for the fine-tuning of their studies.

​A code is also included inside the book which allows students to view the most up-to-date content on the Aviation Publishers website.


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