RCAF Weather Manual


Formerly known as the Air Command Weather Manual, this RCAF Manual is rebranded and updated.

However, we prefer Canadian Aviation Weather 3rd Edition due to the better quality of images and practical stories.


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RCAF Weather Manual

Formerly known as the Air Command Weather Manual, this is now called the RCAF Weather Manual (TP 9352). The Royal Canadian Air Force Weather Manual provides detailed text explaining the interpretation of weather reports, forecasts, weather maps and prognostic charts. This publication INCLUDES 2 CD’S is provided as a reference manual for applicants preparing to write the ATP examinations. It will also serve as a valuable source of information for Private and Commercial candidates who wish a more in-depth understanding of aviation weather.

Each copy contains 2 CD’s from Transport Canada containing a series of short 2-minute videos on various weather awareness topics such as “Wind Speed”, “Ceilings”, “Fog”, and so forth. The video vignettes are designed to promote safe flight, and are not intended as flight training videos.

Published 2012, 295 pages, black & white photographs and illustrations, softcover, 8 1/2″ x 11″
(Formerly air command weather manual (tp 9352)) 295 pages approx.

Royal Canadian Air Force Weather

This can be used in any ground school course. As stated in above, we prefer the Canadian Aviation Weather book due to the better pictures, practical stories, and overall higher quality of the publication. This book is commonly bought with the flight training manual.