Sharper Edge Private Pilot Exam Prep Guide


PPAER Exam Preparation Guide for students.

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Sharper Edge Private Pilot Exam Preparation Guide for PPAER

This book provides a succinct summary of the knowledge essential for success in the Transport Canada Written Examination. The exam preparation guide Sharper Edge is exactly that and it should not be used to study for a ground school course. This is meant as a Private Pilot Exam Preparation Guide and contains many of the same questions found on the PPAER written examination at Transport Canada.


However, our Private Pilot Ground School will also adequately prepare you for your PPAER exam. Students enrolled in the PPL ground school do not need to purchase this book as part of their course as we obtain our questions directly from student feedback and occasionally Transport Canada themselves. There is a Sharper Edge PPL PDF eBook which is available directly from the publishers website.

Does it work though?

A lot of positive feedback has come from students across Canada with the Sharper Edge products. The exam preparation guides are very to the point and do not go on endlessly about material which you do not need to know about. Each section of the book contains over 100 questions which are based on real Transport Canada exams. If the questions are not exact, the style of the question will be very similar to what is found at the Transport Canada level.

However, so are our questions in our ground school. Although the Sharper Edge products are great, they are not always necessary when the ground school is constructed properly, like ours.



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