Professional Pilot Logbook


Used by Professional Commercial Pilots.

Also available in Maroon. Contact us for a Maroon logbook.

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Canada’s Best Professional Pilot Logbook

Hammond Aviation is very proud of their two new types of Professional Pilot Logbooks. Available in black or maroon, they have taken Canada’s top selling logbook design and improved upon it.

The flight isn’t over until you’ve done the paperwork! Keeping a logbook isn’t just a fun way to record your experiences and aerial memories – it’s a regulatory requirement. Keeping track of currency is essential for knowing when you’re ready to test for that next rating or if you are legal for a night or IFR flight.

Hammond Aviation proudly manufactures Canada’s most popular logbooks. This is a well-designed log book for private to airline pilots to maintain their flying time records.

  • Gold Embossed Cover
  • High Quality covering and binding
  • Design based off feedback from our customers
  • Printed and covered in Canada!

Dimensions: 6.25″ x 11.25″ x .75″

We recommend this professional pilot logbook for Canadians over the Jeppesen professional European pilot logbook. We also prefer this product compared to the VIP Pilot Logbook.


What logbook do airline pilots use?

Some airline pilots will use a logbook like this one or they may choose to use an electronic logbook.


Can you lie on pilot logbook?

Pilots should not lie in their pilot logbook. If a pilot lies in their logbook and chooses to apply for a pilot’s license, there is a risk of penalty and punishment.


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