Canadian ATPL Workbook


Currently being used in the Aerocourse ATPL courses.

Helps pass the Transport Canada ATPL Exams, SARON and SAMRA Exam.

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Aerocourse ATPL Workbook

The Canadian Airline Transport Pilot Licence Workbook is a thorough review of the ATPL/IATRA exam material and an introduction to air carrier operations.

This workbook assists pilots writing the Transport Canada IATRA and the ATPL (SARON, and SAMRA) exams.

The ATPL workbook has recently been revised, originally released Nov 15, 2020 with an update in 2021. This is version 6C.

The workbook will help pilots write the SARON exam and SAMRA exam.

Used for license conversion in Canada for ATPL.

Aerocourse ATPL Workbook