Canadian Flight Center

Canadian Flight Center

We have a lot of people reach out to us from overseas asking if we are a Canadian Flight Center. Canadian Flight Trainers is formally an educational institution as authorized by Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada. We are authorized to deliver high quality Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot Ground School to aspiring pilots in search of pilot training across Canada.

In Canada, we refer to Canadian Flight Center locations as either flight training units, FTUs, or flying clubs. Both have a lot of similarities and can also have many differences at the same time.

What is a Flight Training Unit?

In the case of aeroplanes, a flight training unit is an organization which holds a flight training unit operators certificate. This is a certificate which authorizes a company to conduct flight training in accordance with the regulations and standards of the Canadian Aviation Regulations.

What is a Flying Club?

A flying club is a social organization of pilots, their families, enthusiasts, and the general public who all share a similar interest in aviation. Most members are pilots, with many of them owning aircraft for personal and recreational reasons. Sometimes, a flying club can be authorized to conduct pilot training if they have a flight training unit certificate.

Canadian Flight Centre Reviews

Canadian Flight Center can also refer to the flight school in British Columbia Canada, located in Pitt Meadows and Kamloops. However, the pilot training school is formally known as Canadian Flight Centre, with the re at the end. We are not aware of any students who have trained with us have any negative experiences with this flight school. However, we do have many students who learn to fly at Canadian Flight Centre have chosen to take advantage of our online ground school courses to supplement their flying.

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