Pilot License in Canada

March 19, 2022
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Learning to fly is a dream shared by many aspiring aviators but it can be confusing on where to begin. In this post I will walk you through how to get a pilot license in Canada.

How do I get my pilot license in Canada?

1. Introductory Flight

Flight training is a commitment so you should always start with an introductory flight to be 100% sure flying is a good fit for you. The introductory flight is a great affordable way to introduce yourself to flying and to a flight school where you may pursue your dream. Costs will vary but are generally between $100-$200 for this flight. You can book an introductory flight at your local airport that has a flight training unit.

2. Determine what license suits you

You will want to decide if you want to pursue a Recreation Pilot Permit or a Private Pilot License. The differences can be found here. Most people wishing to fly for enjoyment and want to take passengers elect to purse a private pilot license.

If you want to become a commercial or airline pilot, you must first earn your Private Pilot License, and then work towards your commercial pilot license in Canada.

3. Get a Transport Canada Aviation Medical

Depending on what license you determine to pursue you will require either a class 3 or class 4 aviation medical. A Class 4 can be done with your family doctor but a Class 3 requires an aviation medical examiner. Here is a list of Canadian aviation medical examiners. The processing of a medical can be a lengthy progress so it is recommended to do this early.

4. Determine where you want to train.

The decision where you would like to complete the training is totally up to you. You will have to decide where you want to complete your flight training and ground school. The flight training unit is where you will be completing your in-airplane training pre-paring for the flight test. The ground school is where you will learn all theory behind flying and pre-paring for the final written exam.

Online ground schools like Canadian Flight Trainers offer high quality instruction often with an at your own pace schedule. Check out our PPL ground school. The ground school can be completed before, during, or after your flight training.

5. Begin your training

Once beginning your flight training you’ll learn about the basics of flying and progress to your first milestone of 1st solo. This will normally happen between 15-25 hours into the training. The next phase will be a combination of dual and solo air work and navigation. This phase is normally finished off by completing your required cross-country time. Up to this point you are mostly likely around 50-60 hours and will begin preparing for your flight test.

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