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May 11, 2022
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What is a pilot bag?

A pilot bag is also known as a flight bag. It is a bag used by pilots at all stages in their flying to store the necessary pilot supplies used for their flights. Pilot bags come in a lot of different varieties while almost anything can be used as a flight bag. Most student pilots will simply use a backpack until they have chosen a desired flight bag and can afford to do so.

AirClassics™ Pilot Briefcase
ASA Pilot Briefcase. Ideal and simple for student pilots on a budget.

What is in your pilot bag?

Depending on the purpose of flying, pilots will store different things in their bags. Student pilots may pack training supplies like their kneeboards, flight computers, logbook, study books, and charts. Private pilots may still have the same supplies with the exception of the books and the addition of some flight specific treats and goodies to eat.

Commercial pilots may have a headset (or two), some similar pilot supplies, and maybe even some extra clothes in case they must divert to a location at an unexpected time. Airline pilots may have the same basic things in their bag for all flights, but would vary some items depending on the pairing they are flying, or simply what their schedule allows for.

I want to know what is in YOUR flight bag!

Okay, fine. I have two bags at home, one for general aviation flying and one for when I go to work at my airline. In my general aviation bag I have my headset, maps, electronic flight bag, snacks, and necessary emergency equipment. Before I go for my flights, I will change what is in my flight bag to suit my flight mission.

When I go to work at the airline, this really depends on what I am doing at work. If I am going on a transatlantic flight, my carry on will have all of my clothes and hygiene kit. The pilot bag issued by my airline is more of a large durable laptop briefcase. I have room for my vest, my necessary paperwork and licenses, some snacks, extra pens, books or magazines to read, my iPad for flying, and on the occasion I will bring food from a grocery run.

Sometimes a Watermelon ends up in my bag on transatlantic flights. Maintaining a good level of nutrition can be hard on the road as an airline pilot and it requires some solid effort.

What Flight Bag is Good for Student Pilots?

There are a variety of bags for student pilots to choose from as they conduct their pilot training in Canada. Ideally, something that holds all of your books, pilot headset, other supplies, and something that doesn’t break the bank. Check out our ground school kit below which has the ASA product in it. This keeps the cost down and the kit affordable.

Our ground school kit comes with an ASA flight bag.

Our Choice for Pilots – Best Pilot Bag

Ever since I started using the Brightline Bags Flex B7 early on in my career, I haven’t switched to any other bag. This great bag offers great flexibility for the general aviation pilot, is quite durable (I’ve had mine for over 10 years), and makes organization a breeze. It has room for everything I need, isn’t too big, and has simply just worked for me.

Brightline Flex B7 Flight Bag is flexible for a seaplane rating.

There are other stylish bags that exist for pilots. One of the American bags that we have recently taken an interest in has been Bush Pilot Folio Bag by Flight Outfitters. Their whole line of bags is fairly stylish with some good focus on organization for the average pilot. If you visit their website, they have some demo videos which show the versatility of their bags.

pilot bag
A Flight Outfitters Flight Pilot Bag
How much is a flight bag?

Costs can vary depending the bag you choose. A basic bag for a student pilot would cost up to $50 + tax. Flight outfitters offers stylish and affordable bags which range from $70 to $150 USD. Our Brightline Flex B7 bag is one of the most expensive at around $330.