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March 25, 2022
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WWFC – Waterloo Wellington Flight Center

WWFC, or Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre, is a flight training unit located at the Waterloo International Airport (CYKF) in Waterloo, Ontario. The flight school has connections with the University of Waterloo to join in their Geography and Aviation and Science and Aviation programs. The flight school has reputable connections where graduates in their programs have the possibility of earning a job at Sunwing Airlines.

WWFC Fleet Waterloo Wellington Flight centre
WWFC Fleet

Canadian Flight Trainers and the Flight School

Canadian Flight Trainers can help students enrolled in the flight programs at WWFC by offering a practical online ground school solution. A majority of students west of Toronto and almost as far north as Collingwood choose to train with WWFC. However, due to the remote location of a lot of these students, they are unable to attend any in-person ground schools. This is where Canadian flight Trainers can help.

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Students enrolled at the flight school choose Canadian Flight Trainers for their remote ground school.

Many of the students at WWFC choose to conduct their ground schools remotely as it saves them money and frees up their time travelling to and from the flight school. They’re able to complete their theoretical ground training from the comfort of their own homes while still participating in high quality online training.

All of our ground school material compliments all flight lessons that are taken at the flight school. Students are able to apply our knowledge to their buys training environment and earn their private pilot license with ease.

Region of Waterloo Airport

The airport is an international airport serving the Regional Municipality of Waterloo and is located in Woolwich, Ontario, west of Toronto. The airport is a good mix of general aviation and commercial and airline flights. Year round daily flights are available to Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg, and some destinations in the United States.

There is a control tower present at the airport which offers students the opportunity to practice in a controlled environment. There are other airports, such as Guelph Airpark, nearby which allow students to practice in uncontrolled environments.

A view of the CYKF airport from the left downwind on runway 08. The circuit altitude is roughly 2,100 ft above sea level.

The practice areas are relatively close to the airport and are about a 5 minute flight outside of the control zone.

The runways at the airport are 08/26 (7,003 ft long) and runway 14/32 (4,104 ft).

Region of Waterloo Airport Terminal Building


As of March, 2022, the following rates apply (subject to change) to aircraft and instructor rentals at the flight school:

Aircraft TypeRate/Hour
Cessna 152$142.00
Cessna 172N$175.00
Cessna 172S$178.00
Cessna 172S G1000$178.00
Cessna 172RG Cutlass$185.00
DA 40$190.00
Piper PA44 Seminole$350.00
Piper PA28R 201 Arrow$190.00

Instructor Rates

Flight Training: includes Recreational Pilot Permit, PPL, CPL, Multi Rating and Instrument Rating.$78.00/hour
Instructor Rating : inclusive of any training towards an instructor rating.$88.00/hour
Private Aircraft: if you wish to train in your own aircraft.$95.00/hour


ALSIM ALX$125.00/hour
ALSIM 250$125.00/hour

Current Fleet

Their fleet of 32 aircraft is one of the largest in Canada and consists of:

  • 8 Cessna 152
  • 1 Cessna 172N
  • 14 Cessna 172S
  • 1 Cessna 172S G1000
  • 3 Diamond DA40 G1000
  • 2 Piper Seminole PA44-180
  • 2 Piper Arrow PA28R 201

The flight schools is registered as a Private Career College in Ontario and is able to provide students with commercial and integrated ATPL training. The content of this article is accurate as of March, 2022 and is subject to change. For up to date information, we suggest visiting the flight schools website.