Durham Flight Centre

Durham Flight Centre

Durham Flight Centre (“DFC”) is a Transport Canada registered Flight Training Unit, flight centre, and a private career college under the Ontario Private Career College Act, 2005. Located at the Enterprise Airlines hangar at the Oshawa Executive Airport, Durham Flight Centre has been training aspiring pilots, renting aircraft and offering sightseeing flights since 1997. We recommend DFC as the preferred flight school in Oshawa.

Durham Flight Centre and Canadian Flight Trainers

Although DFC offers their own PPL ground school, they are unable to offer any type of consistent Commercial Pilot Ground School for their student pilots engaged in pilot training. We have had many students enrolled at DFC trust us with their training and enrol in our affordable and popular Commercial Pilot Ground school.

All of our ground schools are taught by Canadian Flight Instructors, commercial pilots, and airline pilots. Students can trust that they will receive expert training which will supplement the flight training conducted at the Oshawa airport.

What About Private Pilot Ground School? When we reached out to DFC directly, they stated that their ground school is not sold separately but is included in a flight package deal. Therefore, we are unsure of the true cost of enrolling into their ground school.


Durham Flight Centre Rates

DFC charges $70/hour for a flight instructor plus additional rates for the aircraft. The Cessna 150 is $135/hour and Cessna 172 is $155/hour. These prices may have gone up after June of 2022 due to an increase in fuel costs across the country.

DFC also offers 5-hour and 10-hour packages at $1610+tax and $2655 + tax respectively. This includes a PPL ground school and a ground school kit.

Durham Flight Centre Introductory Flights

The following photo was taken in June of 2022. We will say that the cost of an introductory flight, if the below are still true when you are reading this, are very affordable. We certainly recommend taking an introductory flight and seeing if it is right for you.

durham flight centre intro flight rates


Introductory Rates from the DFC website as of the publishing of this article.

Questions? We can help!

Canadian Flight Trainers has a team of professional flight instructors, commercial pilots, and airline pilots on staff to answer all your questions. Not only are our ground schools recognized by all flight schools in Canada and the federal aviation regulator Transport Canada, our school is backed by a diverse group of experienced aviation professionals and curriculum developers. We ensure you are not alone in this process of learning and have your back in all aspects of pilot training., 

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