Pilot Logbooks | Which is the Best in 2024?

June 21, 2022
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Pilot Logbook

Although the task of finding a pilot logbook may seem simple, a properly organized and properly filled out logbook is something that a pilot can take pride in. Many career pilots still keep their very first student pilot logbook from when they were conducting ab-initio training; memories forever engrained in paper. As a pilot’s career changes with time, so do their need for a proper log book. Let’s first look into what it is and what some of the options are for pilots.

What is a Pilot Logbook?

A log book is a record used by a pilot to record the flights they have completed. These books are mainly used for licensing purposes and to prove aircraft currency. When a pilot is reported to be current, it means they have recent experience flying a type or category of aircraft in certain conditions.


A page taken from our Small Pilot Logbook which is great for pilot training.

What Information is Found in a Pilot Logbook?

As you can see from the photo above, pilots can log the flight time they have completed in organized columns. The columns are split up in two main categories of single engine aircraft and multi-engine aircraft. That flight time can then be broken down into day and night flight time; cross country flight time; instrument flight time; and even turbine time (column not shown).

In the photo below is the left page of the log book. This page shows the date, aircraft make/model, aircraft registration, name of the pilot in command, a co-pilot/student/passenger, and any flight remarks that the pilot wishes to make regarding that flight. The pilot then certifies their log book through a signature at the bottom.


Page 1 of the Small Pilot Log book


What happens if a pilot loses his logbook?

Generally speaking, if a pilot loses their log book they can make a declaration with Transport Canada stating how much time they firmly believe they have completed. This may need to be cross referenced with aircraft sign out sheets from flight schools, aircraft journey logs, or other licensing applications which prove a minimum amount of flight time.

Best Pilot Log Book for Students

The small pilot logbook we sell on our website is the best value for the average student pilot. The columns are wide enough for flight time entries and remarks for flight exercises.


The logbook is affordable for pilots who wish to begin their pilot training and the pages are forgiving enough if you make a mistake. There are enough pages to get you through a private pilot license and we estimate up to the commercial pilot license. 

Best Pilot Log Book for Commercial Pilots

The large pilot logbook we sell on our website is an even better value for those who will have long and prosperous careers in aviation.


Treat yourself as a VIP Pilot with more rows on each page. You’ll will spend less time doing final summaries at the end of each page, less room for addition errors, and quite simply, they can fit in more flights in the one log book. 

The durability of this pilot logbook will take a pilot well into their careers. 

Does my pilot logbook need to be certified?

Some flight schools will charge students a fee to “Certify their logbook” or to “certify the times in their logbook.” This used to be a common practice for flight times to become official, but it seems it has been a tradition that has continued on without any actual need. 

When a pilot signs the bottom of the page in a logbook, they are certifying the times to be true and correct. A stamp from a CFI or another flight instructor at a flight school does not do anything to help the student in proving their flights. In Transport Canada’s eyes, this is unnecessary.

However, there have been instances where foreign authorities have asked for  pilot logbook entries to be certified from pilots, their former employers, and even Transport Canada themselves. In these foreign countries, logbook certifications seem to have some weight and merit. But in Canada, not so much.

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