TKT | Brave the Threshold Knowledge Test in 2023

What is a TKT?

A TKT, or a threshold knowledge test, is a small assessment that Canadian flight instructors are taught to conduct at the beginning of a PGI or ground training lesson. It establishes the students knowledge prior to a briefing and limits the amount of time wasted by a flight instructor.

When creating a TKT, think about what exercises will be covered to a higher degree of proficiency in future Lesson Plans?

Why is it important?

Ø  Learning factor of readiness

Ø  Ensures students have required background knowledge to gain full benefit from today’s lesson

Ø  Allows instructor to conduct review if required

Ø  Can be modified depending on student aptitude and length of time between lessons

What does it include?

Ø  Questions related to material from previous lesson

                                    Example: If teaching stalls, ask questions about slow flight

Ø  Questions related to previous lesson plans

                                    Example, If teaching circuits, ask questions about climbing, descending, turning, airspeed, changes, trim, power-off descents, rudder coordination in turns etc,.

What not to include:

Ø  Questions on new material

                                    Example: If teaching stalls, do not ask about critical angle, how C of G affects stall speed etc,.

Ø  Questions not related to lesson to be taught

How to form a good TKT:

Ø  5 – 10 questions (depending on lesson)

Ø  Start with simple (straight forward review of last lesson), get into complex (review previous material but require students to reason out answers on their own)

Ø  Write out full questions along with answer you want

Ø  Example

 Q: Which flight control surface do we use to produce the pitching moment

 A: The elevator

Ø  The TKT questions do not always have to be on the previous exercise. Example if teaching slips, you may not go in depth on questions relating to spiral dive. Think what previous material the student should know that directly related to the topic at hand.

Examples of some TKT Questions

For Exercise 5 Attitude and Movements:

> What is the horizon?

> Have you ever been in an airplane before?

Do you know any parts of an airplane? (Show a model airplane) 

All information was adapted from TP975E, the Flight Instructor Guide. Prior to starting training to be a Flight Instructor in Canada, pilots must have completed the CPAER written exam and CPL flight test.