Lost Aviator Coffee and Canadian Flight Trainers

April 25, 2022
Category: Popular

This is an unusual blog post as we are going to be talking about Lost Aviator Coffee. To be fair, I know both owners of Lost Aviator and they are not paying me to promote their products. I simply think they are onto something great!

Steve and Adam are the Lost Aviators

Steve Zago and Adam Wright are the two pilots behind Lost Aviator Coffee. Both of them are pilots with Air Transat who started this company during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ever since the company’s inception, sales have steadily been growing and outpacing their ability to meet demand. The next logical step was to move into a bigger and better building at 404 York Rd. in Guelph Ontario. As such, the local spot was opened to the public in early 2022.

Our Favourite Lost Aviator Coffee is their Aurora Roast

Lost Aviator Coffee Review

Our favourite coffee of their that is available on a regular basis is the Aurora Roast. When buying a package of their coffee, you can expect the coffee to be ground fresh immediately prior to being shipped out. This was an absolute must for both Lost Aviators after identifying the need for fresh, quality, and good tasting coffee.

Once you can get past their creative names and whimsical descriptions, the Aurora roast does not disappoint. When I grind it at home, my kitchen is filled with aromatic fragrances that simply relax my morning. I find that this coffee has hints of blueberry in it which make it a perfect companion to a fresh fruit scone from my local bakery.

Made by pilots, for pilots.

Our Second Choice for Coffee

Okay, so if it were always available, this would be the number one choice. The Lost Aviator Prohibition Roast is by far their most popular coffee. They partner with local distilleries and age their coffee beans in whiskey barrels. The result is amazing! As someone who prefers to not drink whiskey, I can’t get enough of their prohibition roast.