Night Rating | A Practical Guide on Flying at Night for Students & Instructors


Say hello to Night Rating, the successor of our previously-titled book, Night Rating Handbook. This book features minor updates from the previous edition, and an updated design. It provides Canadian pilots-in-training and flight instructors with an all-in-one, comprehensive guide that outlines the practical aspects of flying at night in preparation for obtaining a night rating.

Used by Commercial Pilot License students and students who have completed their Private Pilot License.

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  • Comprehensive coverage of concepts relating to flying at night including rating requirements, human factors, aerodrome lighting, preparation for flight, ground operations, flight operations, instrument flying and an overview of NAVAIDs
  • Full-colour diagrams visualize and simplify a wide variety of content
  • Simple and concise content to make learning/teaching fast and easy
  • A sample night rating training plan


Provides Canadian pilots-in-training with a comprehensive, all-in-one guide that outlines the practical aspects of flying at night in preparation for obtaining this rating. This handbook makes preparing for flights and ground briefs faster and easier with its simple and concise content, ultimately saving student pilots time and money on the ground and in the air.


Provides Canadian Flight Instructors with a reference-guide to ensure their night rating students receive all pertinent information relating to flying at night. Have your students study from this guide to prepare for the differences between flying at night and flying during the day.


Canadian Flight Trainers and SharpeAero provide Canadian flight school management with a resource to ensure their flight instructors deliver consistent, high-quality training content to their students. 

Night Rating Currency

To fly passengers at night, pilots must ensure they have completed 5 take-offs and landings at night within the past 6 months. This rating is the most common rating for a Canadian pilot to achieve following the issuance of a private pilot license. The night rating sign off can be done by most Authorized Persons in Canada or directly at a Transport Canada civil aviation center.


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