ASA Rotating Plotter


Used for navigation preparation and planning during Private Pilot Training.

Recommended to be purchased for the Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot Ground School.

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ASA Rotating Plotter

Constructed of sturdy, clear plastic with easy-to-read numbers and scales. It includes WAC, Sectional, and Terminal Area scales, and is checked and approved by the Weights and Measures Department. Quick scale reference is provided for both statute and nautical miles. Non-slip rotating azimuth eases flight planning. Made in Korea.


Great for Pilot Training

Navigation is one of the most failed items for private pilot and commercial pilot students who conduct their exams after taking an online ground school course. This ASA Rotating Plotter will simplify your flight planning procedures and should make you work a little faster on the exam. We encourage all of our students to really practice and apply all navigation procedures correctly to ensure things go smoothly.


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