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I have taken multiple types of courses I.e (Harvs, Sharpers edge books).
Personally I have felt more engaged by all of Daniels presentations and the way he conducts himself in them. The knowledge that I have gotten from the course was not overwhelming but felt like it was essential. The quizzes and questions make you think about more than just the basic knowledge, and how you’d actually act in those possible situations. Highly would recommend to anyone taking their CPAER.
M.K. – CPL GraduateMay 1 2024
First of all thank you CFT for all of the great information and videos laid out in your ground school. The training has successfully prepared me and built the confidence necessary to go into the exam phase of my aviation journey… Thanks again.
D.S. – PPL GraduateFebruary 4 2024
I have to say… my experience with Canadian Flight trainers has been outstanding. …I have almost nothing that I would ask you to change….I must admit: there have been moments when I have been severely let down by my local flight club. Whenever I have needed anything, I have found fast and thorough assistance from the staff at Canadian Flight Trainers.
Samuel Gillon – PPL GraduateFebruary 3 2024
This is a great course, keeps the student involved and focused on the learning. Its really helpful that you were not just reading slide after slide from a text book and actually put a practical use to the lessons being taught.
Travis Foell – PPL GraduateJanuary 12 2024
Really good courses, completed both PPL and CPL and have recommended CFT to multiple people. Tests and quizzes do a really good job making you think and apply the learned information, on top of preparing you for the wording and style of Transport questions.
E.R – PPL and CPL GraduateJanuary 8 2024
I Really like the online learning at your own pace, the videos were Great, picture and sound was good throughout the course, Happy with my purchase.
Jessie Elmhirst-Wickberg – PPL GradauteDecember 29 2023
Overall I think the course was amazing, the structure is well thought out and the practice problems were very helpful. Also, getting help/asking questions, and receiving feedback and answers was super easy and timely, making learning efficient and more enjoyable…
S.M. – PPL GraduateDecember 28 2023
The course itself made the exam look fairly easy and wasn’t all that difficult Thank you for helping me achieve this milestone. Appreciate all the help and support.
Ashwin – Commercial Pilot GraduateNovember 2 2023
Great course, loved it, and found the responsiveness of the instructors to be the real highlight…I work at my club as a dispatcher and would (and have!) recommended it whole-heratedly.
T.B – Commercial Pilot GraduateOctober 23 2023
I have had a great experience taking this ground school course! I found it to be a great learning experience.
James Beswitherick – CPL GraduateSept 11 2023
I thought it was a great course that was chocked full of information. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is looking to pursue their PPL.
T.M. August 19 2023
I really enjoyed the layout of the PPL course. I will be taking my CPL with you as well. I have recommended the course to three individuals thus far. The P-Star prep kit was perfect, i was able to get 100% on the P-Star exam in 12 min.
K.M – PPL GraduateJuly 11 2023
Really enjoying the course. Keep up the good work. Wish CFT provided INRAT and IATRA.
Gurvinder S – June 29th 2023CPL Graduate
Thank you guys for a great course; I’m very pleased with my CPAER grade! You should really consider creating an INRAT ground school, I’m sure that it would be terrific as well.
K.N – April 4 2023Commercial Pilot Graduate
I appreciate the straight forward support from the instructors. They’ve looked out for me more than anyone else during my training so far.
Patricia W – March 5 2023Licensed Pilot / CPL Student
the course was well put together and the instructors were really patient with all of my questions. Passed the TC exam first try!
Michael B – Feb 17 2023Commercial Pilot Graduate
Exam passed, was very similar to one of the prep exams so did a good mark.
Thank you for your course!
T.B. – Feb 15 2023PPL Graduate
I am so happy to do this course with Canadian Flight Trainers. The course material and the practice exam questions prepared me really well for the TC exam. I felt very confident and passed the PPL exam with very good score.
Thanks to the instructors and staff of Canadian Flight Trainers for their support, who reached out to me for any clarification when I needed them.
A. Dutta – Sept 3Aircraft Owner and Student Pilot
Lots of patients from online instructors support. Even when I don’t catch on well to what is being clearly shown they never make me feel like I can’t learn this. Always striving to improve their online learning program!
Clarence B, 08 June 2022Private Pilot License Student
Thanks a bunch for the help! The course was incredibly well made and ill be recommending it to others!!!
Colton M, June 6th 2022Commercial Pilot License Student

Who Are We

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Canadian Flight Trainers is Canada’s best online ground school provider. With current, up to date material applicable to you as a pilot. All the practical things you need to know to be the savvy pilot you want to be. Approved as an Educational Institution by ESDC, accepted by Transport Canada, and all flight schools in Canada, Canadian Flight Trainers bridges the gap between ground school and flying.

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Online Ground School – Why Pick Our Courses

Created by Active Airline Pilots

All of our courses are taught by active and practicing professional airline pilots in the aviation industry. They have the experience to back up the practical knowledge they are teaching. Learn how to be a Commercial Pilot from pilots who practice what they preach.

Professional Courses

We are a team of professionals in the industry who know what you need to know. We exemplify the three pillars of good pilots which are knowledge, skill and attitude. We will always try and motivate you to do the same as well because we believe in what we teach. 


We allow you to plan your day, be more productive at home or at the beach. No unnecessary trips to the airport 1 hour away. Balance your commitments and life at home with your flight training. Our courses are made by professionals, so no wasted time learning non-sense, getting lost, or stuck.

Accelerated Learning

Training to be a pilot is hard. With the opportunity to balance your flight training properly in your life, you are able to learn faster and more efficiently. This additional balance makes training go smoother and faster. Our interactive courses will make sure you learn, every time.

Transport Canada Compliant

All of our courses go above and beyond Transport Canada’s compliance standards. You will be ready for all of Transport Canada’s Exams with our multiple practice tests and varieties of assessment tasks. You will earn your Private and Commercial Pilot License with ease

Research Based Methods and Support

Our ground school courses were designed using a 21st Century Framework for learning. Our qualified Flight Instructors will monitor your course progress, and are on standby to answer questions and support your journey of learning every step of the way.

Pilot Training with Canadian Flight Trainers Saves You Money

Pilot Training Flight Training and From the Ground Up

Our practical online ground school courses reduce the cost of your flight training because our online pilot training lessons are directly transferable to aircraft flight lessons, meaning that you can spend less time and money in an aircraft learning something you already know. With our flight instructor support, we’ll make you feel like a VIP pilot and we’ll help you learn about flying an airplane before you even step into one.

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PSTAR student wants to go solo in pilot training

Applicants who apply for a Student Pilot Permit must pass a Transport Canada written examination on Aviation Regulations and Air Traffic Control procedures. This examination is called the Student Pilot Permit or Private Pilot License for Foreign and Military Applicants, Aviation Regulations, more commonly referred to as the PSTAR.

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