Earn Your Radio Certificate Today

Canadian Flight Trainers has an examiner available to conduct ROC-A exams. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are able to conduct ROC-A exams via video conferencing. To schedule an exam, contact Daniel at daniel@myflighttraining.ca.

Examinations will be conducted in the following manner with our Accredited Examiner:

  1. A Time and Date must be agreed upon for the examination to take place.
  2. At the beginning of the meeting, the student will present the AE with appropriate ID proving citizenship.
  3. The test will be conducted orally in a closed book fashion.

If the student passes, the AE will conduct the appropriate paperwork with the student. The student will receive their ROC-A in the mail within 4 weeks. The pass mark for the exam is 70%. 

The student must pay the flight instructor his fee for ground briefing during the examination. Since our Accredited Examiners are Transport Canada flight instructors, briefings at the conclusion of the exam will be conducted to in order to certify the student under Exercise 30. Due to the nature in which the exams are conducted, our Examiners are unable to sign the “Pre-Solo Checklist” in student’s Pilot Training Record. Once the student receives their ROC-A in the mail, they can present it to a flight instructor who should be able to sign the PTR. 

Students are recommended to download and study the ROC-A Study Guide. Prior to conducting the exam, we ask students to e-mail their examiner a photo of their proof of citizenship and the completed application. When completing the application, applicants are only required to fill-out the top portion of the application form.