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Welcome to the Forum

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Welcome to the discussion forum. In this area you will be encouraged to participate in active discussions with other students in order to better your own learning. Feel free to post questions on material, comments you may have or feedback on the courses or topics. One of the challenges with online learning is the inability to discuss ideas or just have general hangar talk.

Studies have shown that students gather a deeper understanding in topics when given the forum to discuss ideas and concepts together. As such, you may have noticed some tasks will direct you into the forum to post comments, reflect on your training or share work you may have done. All of this is strategically done in order to improve your learning and development as pilots.

Of course, if you wish. This is a positive learning environment designed to foster deep understanding and learning. Any sort of negativity will not be tolerated and users will be removed from the forum.

You may have noticed some key words which stand out in the text above, understanding, assignments and reflection. These are atypical for online courses you may have been exposed to in the past. It is okay. This is what sets us apart from other flight schools. We know what works and what doesn't. It isn't anything overwhelming and learning is always done at a comfortable pace. In the end, we are here for your success.

Students must register to use the forum. Your membership will be approved and you will be placed into the appropriate student course. This allows you the choice to remain anonymous when you post reflections or questions, upload material or provide feedback on the course. We chose to make separate logins for your own security. Please keep in mind that if you do upload assignments or information, that all of your personal information is removed from it.

Best of luck with the courses you are participating in and good luck in your pilot careers.

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Daniel Gustin