Flight Test Notes – 3rd Edition


Used towards the end of PPL and CPL Training in preparation for the flight test in Canada.


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Flight Test Notes Book

Written by an ATP licence holder and certified instructor, Flight Test Notes includes material on the ground briefing, and covers all areas from the pre-flight inspection through to take-offs, climbs, turns, circuits, stalls, forced approaches, landings, and everything else your examiner will want to see you perform.

Its format is intentionally designed to be a quick, easy and thorough reference to prepare you for the flight examination.

A first-rate and very thorough preparation source.

Supplements CPL Flight Test guide and PPL Flight Test Guide for students engaged in pilot training in Canada.

ISBN 978-0-9730036-4-2

Softcover, 132 pages, 8.5″ x 11″


Flight Test Notes

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