EDUC8540 Portfolio

This is the home page for the learning portfolio associated with the EDUC8540 course being taken with the University of Windsor under the instruction of Dr. D Stanley. In this portfolio you will be able to observe my learning progress over the duration of this course. The portfolio is organized by assignment and will demonstrate my growth as I create my own course.

As I reflect on each assignment completed, I will demonstrate how I have grasped the objectives of each assignment, I will include peer-reflections and critique where applicable and show how I have learned from feedback. All of these entries will prove that I have met the course objectives listed below.

EDUC8540 Course Objectives

As a result of planned instruction and active participation, it is reasonable to expect that participants, who successfully complete this course, should be able to:

  1. Identify, discuss, critically reflect upon, and assess pedagogical concepts, beliefs, values, practices, issues, philosophies, strategies, and outcomes relevant to learning-centred teaching practices, e.g., learning-centred, curriculum, critical reflection, constructive alignment, threshold and bottleneck concepts, learning outcomes, learning taxonomies, assessing student learning, criterion- and norm-referencing, rubrics, learning hours, learning experiences, deep and surface learning, intentional teaching, Universal Instructional Design, syllabus, accessibility, diversity, and inclusivity
  2. Find, describe, evaluate, and apply diverse approaches to teaching and learning in justifiably sound ways
  3. Construct effective learning outcomes that align with learning experiences and learning assessment
  4. Develop and create learning materials, including curricula, assignments, and lessons, for diverse learning contexts and configurations
  5. Collaborate with peers in the development, critique, and assessment of learning-centred teaching practices
  6. Reflect on and assess one’s professional practices as a means to professional development, adapting accordingly and where appropriate
  7. Critically assess scholarly texts on learning and teaching and use them to aid one’s professional development

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