Commercial Pilot Ground School


Our CPL Ground School is complete! As of November 2021, videos are being updated to be more accessible and to be in 4K resolution. Potential students are encouraged to ask questions if necessary.

Made by Airline Pilots and Commercial Pilots for CPL students.



Commercial Pilot Ground School

Our Most Unique Online Ground School

Our Commercial Pilot Ground School Course was designed by active and career commercial pilots and airline pilots who know what you need to know.

The course was designed to fill the gaps between theoretical and practical so you can easily transition from being a 200-Hour wonder to the right seat of a turbo-prop, to being a flight instructor, or maybe even as a first officer on a jet!

Can other online ground school’s teach you to work as a commercial pilot? Learn from our industry leading experts.

This course will prepare students for their CPAER Exam and includes several practice exams.

Over 80 hours of material is provided to students which meets the prerequisites set out by Transport Canada.

Once completed, a ground school record is provided. If the practice exams are completed successfully, a letter of recommendation will be provided to challenge the TC exam.

A T2202 Form is provided upon request.

A prerequisite of the course is a Private Pilot’s License.