Canadian Private Pilot Answer Guide


Can be used at the end of the Private Pilot License ground school.

Includes code for online access to up-to-date questions and corrections.


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Canadian Private Pilot Answer Guide

Intended for all individuals preparing to write the examination for their Canadian Private Pilot Licence, use of this latest edition of this well-established question and answer book is an excellent way for students to study and review essential subject matter that must be known in advance of their written examination.

The latest Canadian Private Pilot Answer Guide contains significantly expanded content and a multitude of new questions in addition to challenging, upgraded and revised, navigation exercises. Detailed explanations are provided for all answers to questions, making the learning of theory and content more thorough than ever before.

The Canadian Private Pilot Answer Guide is as productive a source for reviewing crucial examination material as student pilots will ever find. Current, challenging and thorough, feedback from students across Canada continually rates this title as the most useful private pilot exam preparatory book available in the Canadian market.

​A code is also included inside the book which allows students to view the most up-to-date content on the Aviation Publishers website. 


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